Wyjazd wędkarski Bośnia 2020

W związku z pytaniami o inne kierunki naszych wycieczek, zamieszczam info z jesiennym tripem do Bośni.
Zainteresowanych szczegółami zapraszam do korespondencji prywatnej, lub kontaktu telefonicznego.
Na tę chwilę mamy 3 wolne miejsca na tę wycieczkę, przy czym 2 miejsca są niepewne.

Wyjazd wędkarski Rena 2020

Dzień dobry,
Szukamy chętnych na wyjazd wędkarski do Norwegii, rzeka Rena.
Wyjazd w terminie 23.06.20-03.07.20
Celem wyprawy są piękne dzikie pstrągi potokowe oraz równie rzadkiej urody lipienie.
Czas w którym zaplanowana jest wycieczka, to najlepszy okres połowów na suchą muchę w tamtym rejonie.
Zainteresowanych tym co działo się w ubiegłych latach, zachęcam do obejrzenia krótkich relacji video w zakładce VIDEOS.
Zapraszam po więcej informacji do prywatnej korespondencji lub kontaktu telefonicznego.
tel: 535780220

Trout Season Opening


I raised the bar high today.

This is without a doubt the largest brownie that I have caught on the rivers in my area. At the same time, it is my record fish and is all the more happy that it was caught on my local stream.

I rarely start the season so early, but due to the propitius weather, I decided to go for three hours fishing on the nearby stream.

In my wildest dreams, I would not have dreamed of opening such a season.

The fish took a brown-olive leech on a jig hook, led by short jumps in a not too deep slot behind a fallen tree. In these conditions my new rod T&T Contact 1083, which has undergone a real baptism of battle, worked perfectly.

The stream where the fish took a fly, is so narrow that an agile person could jump over it. That is why my surprise was even greater when I saw what monster I had to face today.

Basically, I do not measure the fish I caught, but this time I departed from the rule.

The measure showed 68 cm !!!

This dotted buddy gave me an unexpected bath today, but I wish that this season I could take such exciting baths more often.

Tight lines!

New Facebook Group

You are welcome to join our new group.
Just click the link https://www.facebook.com/groups/993465751022780/

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas everyone and all the best in New Year! 🎄🎁🎅🎆❄️
Thank you that you have been with us in 2019. Hope you will stay for next year and thanks to common trips and our flies you will experience unforgettable adventures.

Thomas & Thomas Avantt

My first built rod from Thomas & Thomas Fly Fishing. Great work made by Pstrągman Custom Rods. With Hatch – Premium Fly Fishing Reels they all fit together. Can’t wait to try them in few weeks on trout hunting!

New Thomas & Thomas Paradigm

Although, that I have had pleasure with the new Paradigm for some time, but only now I found a moment to write a short review. Last weekend I had the opportunity to try the rod outdoors, where in windless weather I tried to catch grayling from San River.
Therefore, in addition to dry technical information, I will also be able to refer to my subjective feelings about its use. First, a few words about the rod itself. A delicate matte blank in navy blue with two-tone lighter flaps in a similar color, with a thin and precisely layer of varnish, in the company of single-legged, titanium Rec guides, take me into the characteristic world of Thomas and Thomas rods.
Also, noteworthy is the titanium sit with the engraved company logo and the beautiful insert made of bird’s eye maple. Each section is marked with a serial number. A top-class cork used to build a cigar-shaped handle makes the rod fit well in your hand.
Everything is done neatly with the typical T&T feel and taste. The model I have is 844-4, i.e. a rod with a length of 8.4 feet to the 4WT in four pieces.
Commission weighing on my weight showed 71.7g, therefore the rod is very light.
Time for subjective feelings from the battlefield.
It is a rod of the medium flex action with a medium strong bottom section, which gives a sense of stability, while the dynamics of the blank and its work during casting give the impression that you have in your hands a fantastic tool for fishing for dry flies at short and medium distances. I had the opportunity to fish during windless weather and after changing the line from DT4 to WF4 with my poor casting skills, the distances achieved improved significantly, while the presentation of the fly was still under full control, and the accuracy of casts came with great ease. I wonder how this rod will behave in windy conditions, although after what I have recently experienced, I have the impression that it will cope enough. To sum up, it is a rod rather for people who appreciate relaxing fishing with the precision of a Swiss watch, but also will work in the hands of people whose preferences are slightly different, due to the dynamics of the blank, which gives great casting possibilities for this rod.


Time for our Giveaway has come!
To take a lot of fly fishing stuff from:
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We predict only one winner. Rules are simple:
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We will draw winner in one week, so someone will get a great gift from Santa Claus 🎅.
We wish you best of luck and have a great fun!

Thomas & Thomas Rods

First batch of T&T rods just came.
I feel that my fishing season still going on 
I am back to the T&T after almost 15 years.
I admit, as much I’ve been delighted of their quality then,
I am the same now. Perfectly built in all details.
Can’t wait to use them.

WoodsTorrt Deluxe part 2 2019, Sweden

Last weekend we spent in Sweden at WoodsTorrt Deluxe in Satra Bruks Herrgard. We are honoured to had a chance to took part in such an amazing event with passionate of fly tying. We also tried a great cuisine of chef from Satra Bruks Herrgard.
More pictures you can find in tab Gallery/Others.