Big hatch

15 dozen of dry flies on their way to NY

New colors of quills in workshop

Official opening of the trout season

The official opening of the trout season in my club. Every year it is accompanied by the phantom auction from which funds are fully used for fish restocking and work by the river. We are always willing to participate in such activities.

Trout candies

A few of trout baitfish for teh beginning of the season.

Saturday tying no3

Olive Emerger (parachute style)

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Saturday tying no 2

Red Warrior Nymph

Saturday tying no 1

Sometimes people ask me what kind of materials I use to tie particular fly pattern. I decided, that every Saturday I will publish receipe for my favourite patterns with picture of it. Today, as first, Caddis nymph. I am sure that it will be your favourite summer nymph in your fly boxes. Enjoy your tying.

Two of mine SBS’ in newest issue of Fisch & Fliege

In newest Fisch & Fliege, which is special edition of Rute und Rolle, you can find two of mine short SBS.




Autumn Creek FlyFishing

Our recent video is available to see.

Hope you will enjoy it.