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Perdigon nymphs

This pattern of perdigon nymph was deadly for graylings and trouts from Vah River during our last trip.
Flies tied on Hanak H450 #16, covered by Deer Creek UV Resin.

Vah River latest trip

A few pictures from my latest trip to Slovakia, Vah River. As always, fishing there is a great experience. Can’t wait for another time.

100% Hare’s Hair Dubbing

100% Hare’s fur dubbing. Only stiff hair. Available in four colors: natural, cinnamon, golden olive and brown olive.
If you are interested, contact me via e-mail: live4flyfishing@gmail.com

Hand stripped Peacock quills

Hand stripped peacock quills available in three colors: natural, golden olive, brown olive.
If you want to have some contact me via e-mail: live4flyfishing@gmail.com

Coq de Leon 1st class

First class of Coq de Leon. Available in three colors: red, grey and pardo, various shades. If you want to have some contact me via e-mail: live4flyfishing@gmail.com


Mayfly time.

Mayfly time is finished this year for us. We spent great time by our river as every year. We recorded some scenes there, and we will take you on a short journey around our neighborhood.
Stay tuned.

Fly Fishing Rena, Norway

This year after the Fly Fair we stayed for fishing in Norway. We fished at Rena River. Despite the not very good weather, we caught few really nice fish. One week on this river is firmly too less and we feel¬†insufficiency, so we plan another trip there. Can’t wait.

Nordic Fly Fair 2017

Last weekend we took part in the Nordic Fly Fair in Elverum, Norway. The event ran in perfect atmosphere, like last year.
In Fly tying row sat down 24 tyers who showed great flies.
This year, at specially organized sessions, was possible to tie flies with the help of some excellent tyers.
I think everyone will remember this event for a long time, the same like Saturday night


Fresh colors of quills

Hand Stripped Peacock Quills in Brown Olive and Golden Olive colors available again.